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I’m going to do a shout out about why I adore Lifestyle Newborn Photography yet again!

Here are some reasons why…

As my children are growing up, I find myself looking back on our families milestones, missing certain things they used to do and how small my boys were, but also grateful I took the photos I did, so I can enjoy them now. Of course life with an 8 year old and a 5 year old is pretty exciting too, hence why I still take loads of photos of them!

These milestones in your children’s lives and yours, become increasingly important to document and cherish. When you welcome a new baby into your family, life is a little foggy, emotional, tiring and pretty damn hard. You don’t have time to appreciate the little things, the small details, even the big ones.

When you look back at this time in your family’s life, when you went from two to three, or from three to four, etc. You soon realise, you probably didn’t take anywhere near enough photos, or videos or you didn’t diarise the little moments that happened from day to day.

So Lifestyle Newborn Photography at home is a chance to record some precious memories of that pretty huge milestone in your families life in a natural, yet beautiful way and in the comfort of your own home.

This Newborn Family Lifestyle Photography Session captures this milestone in this families life pretty perfectly. It captures the bounds of energy their 2 year old has. The love they have for him and how they are conscious of the big change in his life, now he isn’t the centre of their universe, he now shares the centre with his new baby brother. It captures the small and perfect details of their newborn baby and his early characteristics peeping through. It also captures an amazing moment when his big brother literally smells his baby brothers head for the first time and breathes it in (I’ve never seen that from a child before, it was amazing).

This family adores their photos and I believe that over time they will fall more and more in love with them, as they look back at this pretty amazing milestone in their lives and realise just how special it was and is.
Newborn Photographer Sydney Sutherland Shire Lifestyle

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