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It’s great to meet you.

So often, as parents, we’re told how quickly time passes.. It’s such a beautiful blur of love, growth and discovery.

From the very first moment you lay eyes on your sweet newborn, memorising every little detail of their perfect doll-like features and newborn scrunch, to the first big milestone moments like seeing your little one sit on their own, or take those first wobbly steps, each age and stage brings with it a new kind of magic worthy of being captured. 

And then you might welcome another little cherub into the world, and just like that, a whole new magical chapter begins. From those first tender moments of affection between siblings, or the way they instinctively reach for one another in times of need, to the endless games, cuddles and ever-flourishing connection and adoration between your babies. It’s a love like no other, and the kind of memories that you want to keep forever.

Family time isn’t always picture-perfect, but to me, it’s the candid moments of beautiful chaos and fun that are the moments truly worth capturing. Like the sparkle of mischief in your  little ones eyes when you play together, or the beyond-gorgeous squishiness of your sweet toddler, or the way your now big-kid still runs to you for cuddles. It’s these little moments that tell the story of your family, and I’d love to help you tell yours.

In the chaos of life, the beauty of being able to revisit some of your favourite moments, is an invaluable gift.

Whether you’re excitedly awaiting your first born to arrive earthside, deep in the thick of those exhaustingly beautiful early years, or closing out your baby chapter and embracing your new season of life with big kids, I see you, I am you, and I’d absolutely love to connect and help you savor these sweet moments with your loved ones before they pass you by.


Holding on tight

Hey, I’m Polly! A mother and passionate lifestyle photographer based in Sydney. Of all the many things I am (wife, food lover, ocean dweller, and daydreamer to name a few), first and foremost I’m a mama to two gorgeous (teen) boys, who will always be my babies. They are the reason I turned my passion for photography into a career 11 years ago, and continue to be my daily reminder of why it is so important to capture every moment. As someone who is on the cusp of a new seasoning of parenting, I know how long the days with little humans can feel, but also how quickly those years pass by. One of the things I love most about photography is the ability to freeze precious details and tender moments in time, and allow you to hold on to them forever. 

If you would do absolutely anything in your power to freeze time… I see you!

If the idea of your little ones growing up is something you simply can’t comprehend… I feel you!

Let’s capture these moments forever…


My Philosophy

To capture the real family moments. The real smiles, the honest moments, the true connections.

These moments are too precious, this time passes by too fast, you will never regret the photos you took, but you will regret the ones that were never taken.

The way you play

The way you connect

The way they love

The way they smile

I want to capture YOU.


My style is natural, candid, honest and artistic. I love warm tones, moody light and a vintage vibe…


telling your family story