What a month it’s been. We finally welcomed the sunshine back after a very wet March. The boys have just returned to school after two and half weeks of school holidays, and gosh did we jam pack those weeks, full to the brim.

We’re still discovering our new neighbourhood, so I took the boys to a new beach (at sunset of course) for a “play” 😉

The boys went through a short phase of acting like teenagers with headphones in and their dad’s old sunglasses on. Plus the “Teenager” attitude. This only lasted a few LONG days… thank goodness!

Our six year old, who had a well loved trade mark for the past 3 years, of missing the one front tooth. Lost his second front tooth, due to natural causes (unlike the first one).

We had family stay over Easter and the boys got to finally meet their baby cousin who stole their hearts and had them asking me to “lay a baby” which is the new joke around the house. My nine year old promises me, if I “lay a baby”, he will quit school and look after it for me. Tempting…

We took the boys to our new local Easter Show, and they had a blast. Who needs to travel a few hours for the real deal, when you can have hours of fun at your local which is just 5 minutes away!

The BMX bikes that were collecting dust in the shed, were pulled back out and are all the rage again. Making me realise they have slightly out grown these bikes, so this might be next on the wish list. The wish list that keeps growing and growing!

There was more skateboarding, more baking, lots of chocolate eaten, more laughter and surprisingly less brotherly banter this month. So I’d have to say, it was pretty fantastic!

On a creative note, I stepped away from the rule books with my photography. I tried free lensing, panning and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I’ve loved this blog circle for this reason and many more.

If you would like to see more from the amazing artists in this wonderful blog circle called Moments that Matter, please follow this link to the very talented Cindy Cavanagh, to see her special memories from this month…


I love the way you document movement. Love you post this month

Thanks Juanita. With boys constantly moving, I have no choice but to embrace movement. xx

Love these polly and all the movement you have captured!

Thanks so much Justine. xxx

Always love your work! It’s been too long since I’ve visited. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

haha love the scarf and sunnies! Looks like a gorgeous month 🙂

Thanks Lauren. Me too, they made me laugh pretending to be teenagers for a few days.