Moments That Matter – June 17

It’s been another busy month, so much so that I’ve been frantically editing the photos I took over the month tonight just in-time to join in with this wonderful Moments that Matter circle I am a part of.

This month, something kept playing on my mind, I need to document the things that captivate me as the mother of my two boys. Those things being, their eyes, their wonder. The way they look at me. The way they still play like little boys yet, they’d like to think they are big boys now. The way my youngest nearly every morning, climbs into bed with me for snuggles. I feel completely out of control with time at the moment. So whenever they do these things that make me melt, I constantly think I never want to forget them. So for this month, this is what mattered to me.

If you would like to see more from the amazing artists in this wonderful blog circle called Moments that Matter, please follow this link to the very talented Lauren Kennedy, to see her special memories from this month…


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