Life has been a little hectic lately and it’s definitely caused me to share less on my blog and I’ve wondered if you’ve been thinking that I’d closed my blog due to neglect :-/

On the 1st of November we moved into our new home, a home we adore, our dream home. The last time we moved house was before kids, yet I was heavily pregnant, so I thought surely this move couldn’t be much harder than that move was, well wasn’t I wrong. The packing went on for months and then typical me, I predicted we’d be unpacked within 2 days after moving in. Well it took about 4 times longer than that, boxes and boxes for days!

We are starting to settle in now and the list of jobs to do around the house is starting to get shorter and shorter. Yet we always seem to remove two and add another to the list. Hands up if you can relate!!

I’ve been documenting our first few weeks in our new home, including the first moments of the boys seeing their new home for the first time. Embracing the amazing light this house has to offer, the light in the morning is beyond spectacular, so its been forcing me to get up early and make a bit of “accidental” noise so the boys wake up. I quickly whip my camera out and let the magic begin.

The boys are loving their new castle, with a pool, trampoline, cubby house and a new beach thats only 5 minutes away!! They’re in their element.

So here are some of the captures from our first month in our new home. Sorry I’ve been a little quiet around here, but I promise to get back on board from now on.

Thanks for coming by…

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