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Hands up if you have ever neglected your own body telling you to stop…ha… I knew I wasn’t alone.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a bit of time out, so last week I suddenly realised that surprisingly enough we had a weekend approaching with zero plans made, it took numerous re-checks but once I was 110% convinced this must be true, I said to my husband let go away for the weekend to the place where it all started for us, Hawks Nest, NSW, Australia.

We have been visiting this stunning location for about 15 years and it holds a special place in our hearts as it’s where my husband bent down on one knee and proposed. We have taken the boys here a few times but not nearly enough and each time we visit we promise ourselves see wont leave it so long between visits. The last time we visited was over 3 years ago!!

So we said nothing to our two boys, sent them off to school on the Friday, packed the car (in peace… bliss), then surprised them by picking them up early to announce we are going on a family getaway. They couldn’t believe there ears, their smiles made this decision already so worth it.

We drove the 4 hour drive, I cant tell you how many time we heard “are we there yet” and arrived just in time for dinner. Stayed up late, eating popcorn and chocolate (in forward and reverse order) and we made the boys promise they would sleep in the next day. 4am was their idea of a sleep in, so after two hours of begging them to go back to sleep we headed to the beach at sunrise with my trusty camera in tow.

It was a weekend where we played, rested, ate, cuddled, slept and of course I got to delve deeper into my creative desires as a photographer. For me, this was the perfect combination of a well needed break.

So, here I am the day after returning home with piles of work to do but I just couldn’t help myself but to play with some of the images I took over the weekend. These mean a lot to me as they come from a special place in my heart.

If you were one of many who said yes to my first question, and you’re currently neglecting your body telling you to take a break, listen to it. It doesn’t need to be a big break, just the right one, that inspires you and makes you stop for a moment to appreciate the little things.


These photos melt my heart to see how much the boys have grown without us being closer!!!
What amazing memories you have captured over the years with the most stunning photos to look back on Pol.

It truly is getting harder & harder to be not be closer to you all xxx

Stunning work as always. The perfect mix of emotion, beauty and details and space! Love your compositions. Exquisite!❤️

Thank you so much Melissa, that means the world to me. xx

Beautiful. Absolutely stunning!

Perfectly beautiful

Just beautiful Polly!

Incredibly lovely!

Guylaine Francesconi

Polly, you’ve done it again. Wonderful pictures.

Well thanks G, we love it up there. xxx

Gorgeous 🙂

Oh wow, so so beautiful Polly! That place looks like a deserted island, my kind of get away. Your photos are just stunning! Love them all, so creative ❤️

It feels like that to us too Marlene, you would love it. Thanks so much. xx

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