Twins have all the fun!


Twins have all the fun

What a session! If you’re feeling reluctantly clucky I should urge you to look away, but then you would be missing out on cuteness overload. These adorable twins had my heart as they approached me in their double stroller at some crazy time of the morning (I’m thinking 6am, but as I’m so behind on blogging, I can’t really remember) to head to the beach for their Sunrise Family Session. They have the cheekiest smiles ever, their personalities had me sold immediately.

So we started the session at the beach, watching the sun rise, running on the beach and making sandcastles. Then we headed back to the family home to finish the session off with an in home session. The kids thought it was the best fun ever when I suggested they get thrown on the bed, and all we heard was “again… again” with those two cheeky little smiles maintaining my energy levels like I was a crazy toddler too.

I could have stayed all day shooting this family. But I have to say, I think Mum and Dad were happy to see me go… those two crazy twins didn’t need encouragement when it came to energy levels and I sure didn’t help with the situation!

I can’t believe this year is approaching the end, I’m actually really trying to avoid acknowledging the fact. BUT… it’s only dawned on me this week that I only have limited weekends left before the end of the year (first available weekend is the 20th of October)… so if you’d like to book in, I highly recommend you get in contact. This Christmas is clearly going to be crazy busy and I can’t over book myself. So BOOK NOW!

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